Oct. 22, 2020

AdBarker With Klemen Nagode

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Are you a podcaster looking to add advertisements into your podcast, but just thinking about the editing makes your head hurt? 

Advertisements is the first idea that most new podcasters hear about when it comes to ways to monetize the work you do each week. But, behind the idea is a lot of unknowns that most podcasters simple give up before even thinking about trying it for the sure amount of work involved. 

Welcome AdBarker!

AdBarker is that tool that dynamically adds your promotions and does it seamlessly into your episode without doing a hard edit for each episode.

This episode will open you up to the potential revenue you could be leaving on the table by not running advertisments.

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Key Topics:

·     Why a computer scientist would tackle a big problem like dynamic advertising (0:36)

·     How does AdBarker get round having to switch hosting platforms (2:18)

·     Does AdBarker change how my stats are being tracked (3:24)

·     Are the stats on AdBarker IAB (International Advertising Board) complaint (4:26)

·     How does the nuts and bolts of the system work to dynamically insert advertisements (5:53)

·     How do the all important mid-roll drop-ins work on AdBarker (6:56)

·     How does the pricing work (7:52)

·     What surprised you about the podcasting space being an outsider at first (8:53)

Website link: https://adbarker.com

Social Links

·     LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/knagode/

·     Twitter: https://twitter.com/knagode

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