Dec. 10, 2020

Refer-O-Matic with Amira Valliani

Are you podcasting to an empty room?

For most podcasters, it not empty, but we always wish it was more. A common phrase you hear from podcasters is, “I am creating great content, but I am not reaching enough people fast enough.” 

It is not a new problem, and it will not be solved overnight, but as we discuss in today’s episode, it has already been solved. 

A standard gap in business is we assume the problems we face are unique to our industry, but in reality, another industry most likely has already solved it. 

This is where Refer-O-Matic steps in to bring the oldie, but goodie, referrals. It is one of the fastest ways to build trust within a business, create creditability, and reach your goals. 

Key Topics:

  • What led to the creation of, and how did that flow into starting Refer-O-Matic (2:39)
  • What became the answer to help podcasters grow their podcast (4:50)
  • When a podcast signs up, what are the steps to get up and running (6:33)
  • How does Refer-O-Matic solve tracking who subscribed to the podcast from a referral (8:32)
  • What have been some of the best rewards to entice listeners to refer the podcast to friends (10:02)
  • What does the future look like for paid subscription-based podcast (12:02)
  • Local Podcasts and what makes it such a unique are to work in (14:15)

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