Sept. 1, 2020

Sounds Profitable with Bryan Barletta

We are targeted by advertising every day as a consumer, but within podcasting targeting to specific end users is still difficult using the current landscape. In this episode we talk about how geolocation needs to evolve and where is it currently possible to target listeners already.

It as a fascinating conversation on some technology that most people might be aware of but not really understand how it works, Bryan is starting a partnership with PodNews to bring more information to podcasters about how to use advertising within their business effectively in a feature called Sounds Profitable

Bryan recent published an article on on how geolocation works and how it currently has a 50/50 change of getting it right when testing on a cell phone. 

Key Topics:

  • What about Sounds Profitable got him really excited to launch it (0:51)
  • Is the Podcast world privacy complaint when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of end user privacy (4:26)
  • Why geolocation technology isn’t yet useful for podcasters (9:11)
  • Is it really possible to target a podcast advertisement to a specific geolocation (8:14)
  • Why other forms of online media don’t see such a targeting issues as seen in podcasting (14:07)
  • Where is the future of podcast advertising going as Spotify seeks more exclusive podcast to join its network (16:19)

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