April 5, 2022

When Do I Go To a Podcast Conference

Have you seen advertising for a Podcast conference before?

Several have gained strength in the last ten years and are now gold standards for Podcasting, like Podfest and Podcast Movement. However, knowing when to go can be a tricky question to answer because it is a significant investment for most people that might not be generating revenue from the podcast.

Several conferences are planned this year with live events officially back in session, and today we deep dive into how you know when it's the right time.

·     YouTube makes a big potential move into Podcasting (1:21)

·     What makes YouTube a great place for podcasts (7:50)

·     When do I go to a Podcast Conference (12:42)

·     Learning to access new ways of thinking (23:57)

·     When do you speak at a Podcast Conference (38:24)

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Podcast Movement


Indie Pod Con 8

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