How To Create a Great Interview

How are you curating a fantastic podcast interview experience?

Podcast etiquette is something that we often don’t worry about initially because of all the things we worry about. But, as you get a few episodes published, it becomes the focus to make sure the listeners get quality content that keeps them coming back.

• Apple Podcasts Charts - Top Shows - Apple Podcasts for Creators (1:31)
• Podcasters, get ready to find out how many followers you have on Apple Podcasts (4:36)
• How does this news affect the bots working behind the scenes to elevate a podcast (7:36)
• The truth about the New and Noteworthy Apple Chart (8:45)
• Podcast etiquette (12:50)
• How to create a great interview (13:43)
• Starting and stopping in an interview (22:50)
• Taking notes during an interview (22:50)
• Talking to one person in the room (26:06)
• Deciding not to publish an interview (33:08)
• Podcast posturing (33:56)