Getting Through It with Sunny Chang of the Three Siblings Podcast

As Sunny Change and his siblings navigated the complexities of grief and
healing, they realized that their experiences were not unique and that there
were many people out there who had similar stories to share. They decided to
use their platform to amplify these voices and create a safe space for
listeners to explore their own traumas and healing journeys.

One of the things that set the Three Siblings Podcast apart is its approach to
storytelling. Rather than focusing solely on the events themselves, they delve
deeper into the emotions and thought processes that accompany them. This
allows them to create a more nuanced and empathetic picture of what it means
to deal with trauma and loss.

Through their conversations, they also explore the larger social and cultural
forces at play in the way we deal with grief and trauma. They confront the
stereotypes and stigmas that often surround these issues and challenge
listeners to rethink their own assumptions.

Ultimately, Three Siblings is a testament to the power of vulnerability and
the importance of storytelling in the healing process. It offers a space for
listeners to connect with others who have gone through similar experiences and
to feel less alone in their struggles.

If you're looking for a podcast that will make you think deeply about the
complexities of the human experience, Three Siblings is definitely worth
checking out.

*Key Topics:*

· The back story of growing up (01:02)

· Inspiration for the podcast and feedback (05:16)

· Increased access to mental health (13:52)

· Benefits of working on the podcast for mental health and personal growth

· Plans to discuss racism and advocacy (28:20)

· Taking a leap of faith to start a podcast (29:11)

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