EP.46 - Heather Osgood FINAL

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Are you a podcaster that suffers from shiny object syndrome?

One of those shiny objects almost every podcast chases at some point is advertising. It’s the default place most people look to when trying to monetize a podcast, but as many podcasters find out, it can be more challenging than it seems.

We see so many big names in the podcast space using advertising to generate revenue, and we ask why not me.

Step in from stage left, podcast advertising expert Heather Osgood who brings an in-depth but straightforward understanding of what it means to be an influencer and begin to wield that influence to your loyal fan base through advertising.

Key Topics:

· State of podcast advertising in a non-covid world (0:55)

· What brands are dominating the podcast advertising space (2:07)

· What does podcast advertising offer that other mediums do not (3:49)

· Has podcast advertising normalized in a living with COVID-19 world (6:10)

· How did political advertising impact podcasting (8:32)

· How do coach a podcaster to be effective influencers (11:50)

· What does a podcaster new to advertising need to think about before jumping in (14:25)

· What is the future of podcast advertising (18:03)

Reference: Magellan AI Blog: How have the presidential candidates used podcast advertising in the election

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