Feb. 14, 2020

The Power (and Perils) of Podcasting Networks with Jay Soderberg

In this episode, we once again bring our listeners the latest in the podcasting industry, speaking to Jay Soderberg, aka PodVader, about podcasting networks. Jay is the Executive Producer of the Locked On Podcast Network and co-host of Always Listening with Joel Sharpton. Tuning into the show, you will hear Jay’s perspective in Spotify’s acquisition of The Ringer, why big companies are buying into the acquisition game, and how Spotify will benefit from producing its own content. We talk briefly about the difference between free and paid podcast platforms and how curating playlists can help shows gain more listeners, and then Jay gives listeners some information about Locked On, including the shows they host and the areas they are hoping to expand on. If you, as a podcaster, are thinking about joining a network, listening to this episode is a must! Jay not only discusses all the benefits of belonging to a network but tells listeners about the potential pitfalls and gives them a guideline around the revenue-share they can expect.

Key Points From This Episode:

•   Exploring the landscape of the podcasting industry with Joel Sharpton on Always Listening.

•   Jay’s upcoming Evolutions conference and Podfest Expo and their exponential growth.

•   Spotify’s acquisition of The Ringer and why it makes sense for big companies to buy-in.

•   Hear Jay’s thoughts on the exclusive content game and how it benefits these platforms.

•   Why the payment wall is not a viable long-run strategy for platforms.

•   Curating good playlists as a means of getting listeners for your podcast.

•   Listening to shows on Sportify versus on a paid platform like Overcast. 

•   Learn more about the Locked On sports podcasting network and Jay’s role there.

•   Expanding into college sports and how the baseball scandal affects listener numbers.

•   Leading sports in the US and what sports podcasters do to maintain their shows year-round.

•   Advice for sports podcasters who need to produce 30-minutes of content every day.

•   The benefits of being part of a podcast network, including collaboration and cross-promotion. 

•   How Mathew became a Jets fan despite being raised in a Yankees home.

•   The perils of a being part of a network and how to know if you’re dealing with a bad player.


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