Sept. 3, 2020

Steve Stewart of The Podcast Editors' Club

How many times as editors do you hear from a client, “I just want to record”? As podcast editors we have the unique job to take something that is rough around the edges and make people sound better and elevate their brands. But let’s face it, creating a business as an editor has its high and lows and many lessons to learn. 

Like most things in life other people have gone before you and you just need the right friend to help point you in the right direction.

This idea of community support and creating an environment where editors learn and support each other in their own business is what Steve Stewart has created. He has been helping podcasters sound great since 2016 and now leads the largest community of editors along with the Podcast Editors Conference

This episode goes right to the core of what makes an effective podcast editor, the tips and mindset one needs to make it, and where is the podcast editor world headed to.

Key Topics:

·     Why did he create a community of podcast editors (1:18)

·     What are some lessons he has learned from other editors (2:25)

·     Deep dive into what the Podcast Editors Conference is all about (3:37)

·     What is Podcast Editors Academy (5:36)

·     Is it possible to really make editing podcasts a business (7:35)

·     How does one go about hiring a podcast editor (9:07)

·     What is the biggest mistake people make when trying to hire an editor (11:16)

·     What are the biggest mistake editors make trying to get into the business (12:33)

·     Why is video editing the next big thing for editors (14:58)

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