Nov. 12, 2020

Podcasting Your Brand with Fatima Zaidi of Quill

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Does your branded podcast sound more like a commercial than a podcast?

If you answered yes, this episode is for you because we talk with Fatima Zaidi, whose the CEO and Co-founder of Quill. Quill runs a freelance marketplace to connect brands with trusted podcast professionals located in North America. They offer in-house consulting and podcast management, but they always know the right freelancer to get the job done if they are not the right fit. 

Fatima says that every brand should have a podcast, but not every podcast should be a brand. A podcast should be where the brand's story reveals a deeper understanding of its name. There is nothing like podcasting for a brand to build upon the trust and loyalty they already have with their customers.

Key Topics:

·     How did Quill get started (1:40)

·     How are freelancers compensated, and how is it different than UpWork or Fiver (3:46)

·     What benefits are there for the freelance professionals who join the Marketplace (5:35)

·     What are the trends and future of podcast (7:13)

·     What are the most successful branded podcast from large corporations (9:07)

·     What are the most in-demand podcast services, and what are the new skills freelancers should start to have (11:35)

·     What are some of the most effective marketing strategies you see working today in podcasting (13:56)

·     How does a freelancer sign up within the Marketplace (17:04)

·     What is the Listen In Podcasting Conference (17:56)

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