Oct. 1, 2020

Podcasting is Branding with Chris Hines

"There has never been a better time" – Chris Hines

This quote is an excellent summary of what this episode hits home when it comes to podcasting. The medium is still young; it's still growing, and every brand should have a podcast. 

There are many reasons podcasts fail to launch, and the biggest one is typically, "my niche is to busy." In today's episode, Chris highlights why that excuse is just an excuse and why every brand needs a podcast to build stronger customer intimacy and nurture the current sales funnel.

Key Topics:

·     How did Chris get started in podcasting (0:48)

·     At what point did Chris learn the power of podcasting (2:06)

·     What were some of the early lessons after starting his business (3:07)

·     What is the big picture idea that Chris is building up to (4:41)

·     What is the secret to getting your podcast discovered (7:00)

·     Creating hyper customized content from your podcast (8:53)

·     When does the advertising model work in podcasting (9:45)

·     What does the medium of podcasting look like in the future (10:29)

·     Should you always be the first in the market for something (12:04)

·     New tools to help streamline the podcasters workflow (13:10)s

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