Feb. 17, 2020

Leveraging LinkedIn with Karen Yankovich

Since its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn has been making lots of improvements to their platform. Growing your network and getting real engagement on LinkedIn comes down to more than just regular posting though. One has to know the ins and outs of how to do things right. Thankfully we have LinkedIn expert Karen Yankovich on today’s episode and she joins us to share some pro tips for crushing your game on the platform. We discuss the rising amount of podcasters who are beginning to recognize LinkedIn as a place to connect, and being a podcast host herself, Karen's advice would be of particular use to these groups. Joining this episode, you’ll hear strategies for maximizing audience engagement through posts, articles and repurposing video. Karen also talks about the value of using connection strategies rather than the LinkedIn equivalent of a cold call to build new relationships. Finally, she shares some great advice for getting your profile authorized to be LinkedIn Live compatible, and the brilliant applications for audience reach it presents.

Key Points From This Episode:

•   How Dave and Karen met through a MAPCON conference.

•   Spikes in growth in podcasts because of LinkedIn.

•   The growing number of podcasters who are using LinkedIn to build connections.

•   What podcasting is really about: building relationships.

•   The value of making wall posts combined with creating articles on LinkedIn.

•   How to use short, captioned, native video posts on LinkedIn to repurpose content.

•   Using YouTube caption autogenerating software to caption videos.

•   Dangers around auto-connecting with people on LinkedIn.

•   Gauging your outreach levels by the amount of spam you have in your inbox.

•   The value of using a connecting strategy to bypass cold connects.

•   Connecting with speakers before events or people in your chamber of commerce.

•   Getting past the challenge of authorizing your LinkedIn for LinkedIn Live.

•   Benefits of LinkedIn Live such as how videos get promoted after being recorded.

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