Feb. 11, 2020

Growing A National Podcasting Community with Steve Meader

Today we’re coming to you from a studio inside a Staples. Yes, the office retailer has recently rolled out shared workspaces and podcast studios to offer their customers even more. But here we caught up with Steve Meader, the operator of Podcast New Hampshire and co-host of We Need to Talk, to discuss his impression of Staples’ awesome new facilities and what it means to podcasters and their guests. We talk about the most prominent podcasting communities out there and how they offer a platform on which podcasters can share ideas, resources, and figure out opportunities for cross-promotion and guest-starring on one another’s shows. Steve also shares his vision of creating an even bigger podcast community across the US through PodcastUSA.org and gives listeners some more info about his annual Podcast NH Meetup.

Key Points From This Episode:

•   All about Staples rolling out podcast studios and shared workspaces.

•   Meeting Steve Meader from Podcast New Hampshire and host of We Need To Talk.

•   Steve’s impression of the unique features of Staples podcast studio and workspace.

•   The quality of the facilities and the convenience for podcasters and their guests.

•   Steve on the usefulness of being connected to the Podcast Community on Facebook.

•   Having the vision to bring podcasters together to share ideas, resources, and cross-promote.

•   The many geocentric podcasting communities, including the Florida Podcasters Association.

•   Why the podcasting community is the most welcoming one out there.

•   What it means to have an opportunity to be a guest on someone else’s show.

•   The two challenges of podcasting: convincing people to listen and then to choose your show!

•   How podcasting is a great way to pass the time and learn on-the-go.

•   The vision with PodcastUSA.org and the templates that are available for leaders.

•   More about the Podcast New Hampshire Meetup and how it allows for more cross-promotion.

•   Finding a location that is affordable and convenient and the frequency of Meetups.

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