Oct. 29, 2020

Charles Max Wood, creator of Podcast Growth Summit

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Is your podcast stuck in 2nd gear?

It happens to pretty much every podcaster at some point, you launched, you stayed consistent, you provided value, but the downloads have hit the false ceiling we can sometimes feel exist as a podcaster. 

This interview will do two big things for you; it will remind you that you are not alone, and two, you just need to know the right people to help overcome the problem with what is probably a mix of solutions, not just a one-shot remedy. 

Charles lays out how he has positioned Podcast Growth Summit to deep dive on the topic of being stuck and not growing and providing the tools and resources to go from stuck to the wind in your hair. 

Key Topics:

·     Why a virtual podcasting space now (00.44)

·     What is the biggest struggle podcasters face today (3:30)

·     Finding the next big podcast niche (6:36)

·     Is it ok to stop and pivot a podcast (8:37)

·     What is the best way to connect to your audience (10:34)

·     What has been the biggest challenge of doing a virtual event (11:52)

·     Why is the Podcast Growth Summit the place to be (15:26)

Website link:


Sign up for the Podcast Growth Summit (affiliate link) https://www.podcastgrowthsummit.co/podcast-growth-summit-2020?affiliate_id=2789456


Social Links

·     Twitter: https://twitter.com/cmaxw

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