May 26, 2020

Building Podcast Websites Easily with Tom, Co-Founder of

Creating a podcast requires a great deal of time both for research and production, so websites, despite their importance, are often put on the backburner. While there is a range of platforms to create websites, they either do not have enough functionality or require more expertise than many podcasters may have. Our guest today, Tom, co-founder of, joins us to share how the platform tackles some of the website-related problems podcasters find themselves up against. We kick off the show with some insights into PodcastPage. Matthew is currently trying it out and has moved his Causepods page to the platform, and there are affiliate links in the links section. Then, we move onto how PodcastPage helps with SEO and discoverability of podcasts. We round the show off by learning more about some of the upcoming features PodcastPage has in store as well as the different client packages available. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

•  Find out what sparked the development of PodcastPage and Tom’s interest in podcasts.

•  Learn about the ways PodcastPage allows you to modify your podcast website.

•  How PodcastPage has thought about SEO to make podcasts more discoverable.

•  The benefits of having all of your podcast content on one platform.

•  Current PodcastPage integrations and what’s on the horizon for the company.

•  A look at the plans that PodcastPage has available for its customers.

Links From Today’s Episode:

PodcastPage on Twitter

PodcastPage  (Affiliate link)

Causepods Podcast Page

Mentioned in this episode:

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