Sept. 8, 2020

Black Podcasting Awards Coming September 27th

On Sunday, September, 27th at 7pm EST, you can watch the first ever Black Podcasting Awards, a celebration of the ownership and creation of content for the Black experience in the world of podcasting. Through a curated list of categories, it aims to elevate Black voices within the podcasting network that may not receive the recognition they deserve. In a marketplace that often overlooks Black podcasters' unique voices and candor, the Black Podcasting Award is here to bridge the gap. The mission is to amplify our own, celebrate those who have paved the way and provide a foundation for the up and coming voices in the Black podcasting arena.

This tweet by Tracy Clinton is the force behind the Black Podcasting Awards. The tweet got many comments, retweets, and replies, but no one took the first step to make the dream a reality. Georgia liked the idea, and she took it up and gave the idea life. Come September 27, 2020; we will have the first Black Podcasting Award.

In this episode of Podcast Me Anything, we have Georgie Anne Getton Mckoy joining us. Georgie will help us understand the Black Podcasting Awards. Georgie is the Executive Director of the Black Podcasting Awards and the executive strategist at GSD Solutions.

We Discuss...

  •  00:57 What inspired Georgie to start the Black Podcast Award?
  • 02:18 Who should be signing up to be a nominee or as a participant to judge podcasters?
  • 04:49 What has led to the immense growth of black podcasts?
  • 10:37 What is in the Kickstarter, and how can we support it?
  • 12:41 Big names that we should be excited about the Black Podcast Award?
  • 14:59 Georgie's podcast- Doing the Most

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