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June 30, 2020 Podcasting Technology

Podpage Creator Brenden Mulligan

The creator of, Brenden Mulligan joins me today to talk about how he got started in this industry, why he built this…

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Podkite CEO and Co-Founder Jalal

We’re speaking with Jalal, CEO of Podkite.

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Building Podcast Websites Easily with Tom, Co-Founder of PodcastPage.…

Creating a podcast requires a great deal of time both for research and production, so websites, despite their importance, are oft…

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April 7, 2020 Podcasting Technology

Jacob Tender, Community Manager at Breaker

I recently launched a client podcast and the one network they had to make sure they got listed on was Breaker. Breaker is not a h…

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Big Changes Coming to Apple Podcasts

Tom Kelly and Mathew Passy break down some of the changes we heard this week following WWDC and an email from Apple Podcasts.

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Tapping into the Power of Podchaser

Cole Raven, the founder of Podchaser joined us on Podcast Me Anything with a deep dive into the IMDB (and in one case MySpace) of…

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Exploring Chartable's New Smartlinks Feature

Dave Zohrob, co-Founder and CEO of Chartable, and co-host of Hacker Daily, explains how podcasters can best use their new SmartLi…

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May 3, 2019 Podcasting Technology

Remote Recording a Podcast Best Practices

Skype? Zoom? Two cans tied together by string?  How do you record a remote guest without it sounding like complete and utter garb…

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April 19, 2019 Podcasting Technology

Selecting a Podcast Mic

Tom and Mathew will help you think about the do's and don't's of selecting the right microphone for your podcasting venture.  Gea…

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